Baker's Blueberry

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Both my hearts beat with excitement over this black blueberry tea. A few jelly babies in my pocket and I am sure the TARDIS will be on its way.

Did you know that the blueberry is one of the few fruits native to North America? Blueberry was an important crop to the early Pilgrims, who learned about its cultivation from the Native Americans. A beverage made with blueberries was an important staple for Civil War Soldiers. A wonderfully smooth treat, delectable both hot and cold. If you have yet to try gourmet blueberry tea, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior taste. Indulge your taste buds. Give our Blueberry Tea a try.

Blended With Black Tea, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Raspberry Leaves And Blueberries

This tea contains a high level of caffeine 

Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.