Rubik's Rainbow Ball

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Rubik’s Rainbow Ball is a unique puzzle designed to challenge the imagination as well as the analytical skills of a person. Designed for all ages (4+) the Rainbow Ball is a good distraction and stress reliever. It also helps establish better focus and concertation. It's perfect for improving dexterity memory critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Rainbow Ball is the perfect traveling companion and keeps kids busy and away from the screen for a long time. It also looks formal and professional enough to be on your office desk. Shuffle the balls then match the color of the ball with the outer ring to solve. Interesting simple and fun!


  • Rubik’s inspired and Rubik’s Colors
  • Educational and Fun builds on analytical skills and imagination
  • Addictive and engaging
  • Easy to handle
  • Made from durable ABS Plastic
  • Available in Black and White