Suncatcher Crystal Pendant

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Hanging Angel Tears Diamond Sunburst Wind Chime Pendant

Rainbow chain + angel tears. The crystal light-trapping jewelry is made of K9 crystal, and the cutting process is crystal clear.
 As a light-catching ornament hung on a window, this light-catching ornament produces beautiful reflections. When sunlight shines from different angles, it will reflect different lighting effects.
2. Durable, these light-harvesting decorations seem to be fragile and easily scratched, but they are actually very durable. 
3. Crystal light-trapping decoration is suitable for many occasions, including weddings, baby rooms, Christmas tree decorations, chandeliers, car pendants, window suspensions, outdoor gardens and more.

Kit Includes:

* Sun Catcher Drill Board

* Accessories to complete the sun catcher including Crystals

* Crystal Drill bags - Place on sticky board as per numbers to correspond with the correct drill

* Pen, Pink Wax and Tray